Green Teas: Japanese

Japan is known for its steaming method of fixing Green tea leaves. Therefore, most of Japan’s Green teas are steam fixed in order to stop the oxidation of the leaves after picking. The steaming of the leaves is for rather short periods of time. There are few different methods of steaming, but none of them usually last longer than two minutes, with the shortest steam being for as little as twenty seconds. The time differences are mostly due to the differences in leave size and thickness. It’s all about fixing the leaves in order to stop oxidation, so once that goal is reached, the steaming is no longer required. The most notable Japanese Green Tea varieties are Sencha, Kabusecha, Gyokuro, Shincha, Tencha, Matcha, Bancha, and Kukicha. Check out or Tea Types: Japanese Green Tea page to learn more about the processing differences for each variety. Also check out our Matcha pages to view our matchas and learn more about the wonderful powdered tea!

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