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Origin: China, Yunnan Province


Flavor: Raisin Sweetness, Earthy, Cocoa

Only the very best quality leaves with a high proportion of young buds are used to make this premium tea, which is expertly rolled into large pearls in the traditional manner by experienced tea farmers in China. Our Black Dragon Pearls are grown and harvested in Yunnan Province, a Black Tea version of the much more common Dragon Pearl green tea. Black Dragon Pearls slowly unfurl in your cup to produce an infusion that has a naturally sweet flavor, similar to raisins, with notes of earth, it is smooth and chocolatey. Hints of cocoa whisper a subtle promise as the leaves unfurl, producing an aromatic and delicious brew to be savored.  When brewing allow plenty of room for the tea to expand and unfurl in order to release all the flavor of your Black Dragon Pearls!

Tea shipped in our Teas New Jersey storage tins can remain stored in their tins for long periods of time.  Tea leaves are best stored in dry, dark containers with little air and safe from odors.  Our tins are small and compact with little space for air to sit.  They are great sizes for storing and stacking.  We recommend purchasing tea in one of our tins if you do not have storage that fits the above qualifications.  However, if you have storage and are ready for a larger amount of tea, you might consider selecting our 3oz pouch option, which you could transfer to a tin upon receiving.


Black Dragon Pearls Gong Fu Brew Western Brew
 per 1oz 7 Brew Portions – Up to 56 100ml infusions 40.5 Brew Portions – Up to 162 infusions
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