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Origin: Japan, Kyoto Province

Cultivar: Gokou

Flavor: Fresh Cut Grass, Buttery Umami, Kelpy Feel

Gyokuro means “Jade Dew” and is a fine Japanese green tea variety that is shaded for 20 days before harvesting in order to naturally boost the levels of chlorophyll in the leaves.  This method of shading produces a unique, deep and sweet cup of amino acid rich green tea. However, our Gyokuro Gokou was carefully shaded for an extended 30 days before harvesting, totaling 50 days of shading. Once steeped, the vibrant jade liquor has a balanced buttery umami taste with notes of fresh cut grass, and light seaweed, paired with a calming Theanine head feel.

Tea shipped in our Teas New Jersey storage tins can remain stored in their tins for long periods of time.  Tea leaves are best stored in dry, dark containers with little air and safe from odors.  Our tins are small and compact with little space for air to sit.  They are great sizes for storing and stacking.  We recommend purchasing tea in one of our tins if you do not have storage that fits the above qualifications.  However, if you have storage and are ready for a larger amount of tea, you might consider selecting our 3oz pouch option, which you could transfer to a tin upon receiving.


Gyokuro Gokou Gong Fu Brew Westen Brew
per 1oz 8 Brew Portions – Up to 40 100ml infusions 56.5 Brew Portions – Up to 113 infusions
Check Out Our Brew Guides for more information!

You might want to consider upping the portion size for Gyokuro by a few grams and cold brewing the leaves for 14 minutes on the first brew in order to get a super strong umami rich liquor packed with the feel good chemical Theanine.


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