Samurai Matcha: Ceremonial Grade


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Origin: Japan, Obuku Valley, Kyoto Prefecture


Flavor: Sweet, Grassy

This premium Samurai Ceremonial Grade Matcha tea is hand picked in the Obuku Valley in Kyoto Prefecture.  The hand picking and stone grinding of matcha is indicative of a ceremonial grade matcha.  The care with which this tea is processed provides the finished tea with a smooth and mellow aroma and flavor palette, Samurai Matcha is produced from pure Gyokuro leaves and has a light emerald color and fine texture. Samurai Matcha is rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and vitamins.  Samurai Matcha was originally produced for Japan’s Samurai warriors during the thirteenth century, after they learnt the ancient art of the tea ceremony from Buddhist monks who valued the tea for its meditative and restorative qualities.

Our Matcha is shipped in our Teas New Jersey storage tins and can remain stored in their tins for long periods of time.  However, Matcha is best enjoyed as soon as possible even when given the most favorable storing conditions.  For this reason we purchase small amounts at a time and sell them the same way to ensure freshness.  Our Matcha should be enjoyed rather quickly, but be sure to savor the experience of these Japanese delicacies.  Given their high grade they are suitable ceremonial drink or for use in things like smoothies and are great enjoyed cold as well.  Store these tins in dark, dry, and odorless places to ensure freshness.


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