Yixing Clay Tea Pot 5oz


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Capacity: 5oz / 150ml   I    Material: Yixing Clay

This Yixing clay tea pot is great for those learning to brew loose leaf tea and loose leaf tea experts alike.  This tea pot is in the traditional Chinese style with a clay filter that keeps the leaves in the pot and out of the cup.  Yixing clay is traditionally used for brewing Oolong and Puerh teas due to the clay’s ability to enhance the desired flavors and mellow out the bitterness or strong roasted notes that the tea might acquire over its processing, allowing the tea to shine.  Yixing clay is also great for seasoning.  Because the clay holds the flavors of the tea brewed in it over time, the tea that it is seasoned for is enhanced in its flavors.  For this reason people often season a pot for a specific tea and will only brew that tea in that pot.  However, seasoning is not necessary.

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